Katrina Boverman - Private Practice Social Worker


How Would Your Life, Business or Career be Different
if You Were Empowered, Guided and Assisted Through
Personal and Professional Change?

1.    Are you experiencing limits to what you can do on your own?
2.   Might you have projects that you are not able to get to that could be given to someone else to complete?
3.   Do you feel like your life is passing you by and you’re missing out on what gives you the most meaning and joy?

Think about what you could accomplish if you were focused on what you love to do rather than being pulled in many directions without a clear path.  What is important for your success and what needs to change to help this to happen?

Idea Development in Your Personal Life or Business
§ Would you like help in generating new ideas, creativity, enthusiasm and different perspectives?
§      Could you use assistance in processing or problem solving a challenging work/personal situation?

Isolation Issues
§       Do you feel alone and need a sounding board or a trusted confidante with whom to talk things through?

Systems Analysis and Procedure Development
§       Do you desire greater organization within your life or business?
§     Are there important projects that are not top priority and can be delegated out to someone else?

Lack of Specific Skill Sets or Knowledge in Specific Areas
§      Would you like someone to step in with specific knowledge of mental health, aging and social service issues,
      management  or program development?

I can offer you confidential consulting focused on your personal and/or professional needs, including strategizing and creating action steps to produce results.

My office is in Greenbelt, Maryland, close to the Beltway and Parkway, and Saturday/evening hours are offered for your convenience. To set up a consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs, contact me at katrinaboverman@yahoo.com or call me at 301-345-4342.

Empowering, guiding, and facilitating personal and professional change